Martes, 23 de mayo de 2017

Cuba and the European Union (EU) made their third round of conversations on human rights Monday, to bring about the exchange of opinions and widen the knowledge of their respective realities.

The Cuban government described as “controversial” and “ridiculous” the message of the “poorly advised” President of the United States, Donald Trump to the Cuban people on May 20, local media reported today.

Maria Eugenia Neto, widow of Angolan leader Antonio Agostinho Neto, today highlighted in Havana the contributions of Cubans to the liberation of the African country, who sacrificed their lives thousands of kilometers from their homeland.


As the first step for a higher related effort, the local José Martí Cultural Society and Musical Fund for Cuba, including the José Martí Non Governmental English Organization, are preparing the use of a community program as well as increasing the musical values of that region by increasing the image from that iconic site about the childhood of the National hero, José Martí, which is currently regarded as a National Monument.

En Matanzas: Calle de Medio muestra hoy sus adoquines originales

The pedestrians of Matanzas city witness with curiosity the original paving stones of Medio Street, after beginning the actions to raise the pavement at the main commercial street's first block.

Destaca la preservación del medio ambiente en Ciénaga de Zapata

Ciénaga de Zapata, south of Matanzas province, with over 625 171 hectares, carries out a careful work of conservation of the environment with its diversity of fauna and flora.


El rostro de Matanzas en Expocuba

Showing the potentialities of the territory, getting access to all of the information of the market, holding business meetings are among the opportunities that brings about the second edition of the Commercial Fair Matanzas in Expocuba, to be held from June 7th to 11th.

Se inserta Unymoda en el mercado internacional

The Textile Company Unymoda, belonging to to the Group GARDIS, will commercialize its productions in Panama by means of a new agreement aimed at enlarging the market and which explores other points of great demand for Cuban designers.

Disminuyen cuentapropistas en Matanzas

Matanzas province experiences a light decrease in the exercise of freelance work regarding the number of activities since 45362 ones are currently active.


Cuban women Arlenis Sierra and Iraida Garcia will attend, from next June 30th, the Giro d’Italia, one of the most important cycling competitions worldwide.

Olympic and universal medalists will highlight in the match between the Cuba Domadores and the Uzbek Tigers agreed for this Friday in Havana´s Sports City Coliseum for a ticket to the semifinal of the 7th World Series of Boxing (WSB).

Cuban former high jumper Javier Sotomayor said this Friday he will continue feeling as a world record holder until someone jumps 2.46 meters, in reference to the possibility of erasing his mark.


From May 22 to June 4 TITERECLOWN theatrical expedition will begin to visit four Cuban provinces, made up of outstanding artistic groups of the theater for children and puppet theater in Cuba.

Expo sobre Fidel en el Palacio de Junco, de Matanzas

The personal exposition Cabalgando con Fidel, of Braulio Alejandro Cruz, graduate form the Instructors of Art's School, in the specialty of plastic arts, was inaugurated on April 18th at the provincial museum Palacio de Junco and will be there indefinitely.

Regresa a Matanzas festival El duendecillo de los puentes

The new edition of the children's song festival El duendecillo de los Puentes (The imp of bridges) will take place on May 6 and 7 at the Velasco Theater of this city, at 3:00 p.m.

1ro de Mayo en Matanzas




Workers of Cubatur travel agency in Matanzas celebrate the 54th anniversary of the entity, with the commitment to increase the movement of travelers in Varadero resort.

Cruz Roja en Matanzas: Por la ayuda humanitaria

“This municipality has become a referent from the organizational point of view. A consolidated job in all of the fronts can be appreciated, most of all in voluntary enlistment ”, highlighted Dr.Ernesto López Letucet, secretary-general of the Red Cross in Matanzas on the occasion of the provincial act for the Red Cross International Day, whose venue was Pedro Betancourt municipality.

Cuba joins today a week of action against the Mosquito in the Americas with a broad program of activities, focused on the elimination of breeding insects transmitters of arbovirus, Aedes aegypti.

Filman en Matanzas película El Regreso (+Fotos)

Since last Tuesday there is an unusual hustle in some points of Matanzas city: Filming equipment (lights, cameras, microphones, etc.), actors walking on stilts and others who, as figurants or extras, participate here in the shooting of the Cuban film El Regreso (The Return).


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