Viernes, 25 de mayo de 2018

Restoration works in Hotel Louvre, in Matanzas

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Ejucutan en Matanzas restauración del Hotel Louvre

The restoration works of the Hotel Louvre to celebrate the 325th anniversary of the foundation of Matanzas city are estimated in over 11 million pesos and are focused on concrete covers.


During the technical tasks, the solutions of the Architectural and Engineering Projects Company of Matanzas (EMPAI, by its acronym in Spanish) have been very important to face the deterioration in the wooden beams of the antique building, in order to guarantee quality.


Over one hundred workers who belong to the company of Services to Tourism (EMPRESTUR, according to its acronym in Spanish) are involved in the revival of the Hotel Louvre in Matanzas. They work two shifts to confront the complexities of the work.


The project foresees the enlargement of the central building up to Medio Street to add up 42 rooms and other accessorial services such as a breakfast area, a bar, a store, an ice cream parlor and a multipurpose hall, the executers of the project pointed out.  (Oriol Miranda/Radio Reloj)


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